Idé og koncept til opsætning af to relaterede essays. Bogen blev produceret i en special edition til en kunstboghandel i San Francisco, oprindelig skoleopgave fra studieophold på CCA.

Workshop: Martin Venezky

[superquote] In “Crickets, Bats, Cats, and Chaos,” doctor and scientist Lewis Thomas struggles to solve the riddle of human uniqueness by examining the difference between us and the creatures around us.
Thomas Jefferson

Bats and people

Simple animals, like crickets, work according to predictable rules: if X happens, then, with a reasonable degree of certainty, a cricket will do Y. As Thomas puts it, a cricket is basic enough “to seem predictable,” but, under bizarre circumstances, its system can be “thrown into chaos” (491). When a cricket detects the sonar of a bat about to attack it, the disturbance in the basic cause and effect functioning of the cricket’s mind creates uncertainty, making its specific response unpredictable.

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